P2ware Pricelist

P2ware Pricelist

Applications for desktop computers for single users or workgroups

The following table presents net prices of Project Manager 7 single licences.

You may purchase these licences on-line or with standard bank transfer.

Software Net price (£’s)
1 year Time unlimited
P2ware Project Manager 7 Pro 199 600
P2ware Project Manager 7 119 375
P2ware Project Manager 7 Personal 25
P2ware Project Manager 7 Viewer FREE

Applications for integrated systems with Planner Server 2011

To get a price quote for a system with Planner Server please contact us.

Software Price (£’s, net)
P2ware Planner Server contact us
P2ware Planner for PSO *
P2ware Planner Enterprise *
5 client access licenses for Planner Server (5 CALs in a package)

*) The licence includes one client’s access licence for P2ware Planner Server

Prices of upgrades to higher versions of Project Manager

It is possible to upgrade existing licences for P2ware Suite applications to newer or higher versions, e.g. Project Manager 7 to Project Manager 7 Pro. It is also possible to upgrade standalone applications to applications for integrated systems with P2ware Planner Server, e.g. Project Manager 7 to P2ware Planner Enterprise. If you need more information please contact PMWEB Sales Team.