Project Rescue Service

Project Rescue Service

Service Summary

Unforeseen major events can occur on projects at any time. Our PMWEB Project Rescue and Continuity Management services offers our clients the opportunity to get to the root causes of project related problems and issues which are impeding project progress and output delivery.without further threatening the achievement of the project’s desired outcomes.

Projects getting into trouble is a relatively common situation, and the reasons are highly variable with solutions ranging from simple interventions to radical redesign.

The PMWEB team has experience in assisting clients with a pragmatic “cold eyes” review of the current project state leading to the production of a detailed step by step guide to get the project back on track if this is the agreed goal.

This service provides clients with several options to investigate how we may assist in getting strategic “must do” or highly benefits driven projects back on track and delivering to target.

  • Business/IT strategy review with clearly linked objectives
  • Project scope review and re-definition
  • Project business case review and re-development
  • Project team re-energizing and mentoring
  • Project team competence and capability review and development
  • Project plan review and development
  • Project benefits review and development
  • Whatever is needed to make the project succeed

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